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All Companies and LLPs incorporated under Indian Companies Act 2013 are bound to file different forms and returns with RoC within a prescribed time limit.

According to Indian Company Act 2013 its mandatory for a company to file certain returns online with a perticular fee and within a particular time period. Any Company or LLP, that fails to do so will face heavy penalty.

Below is the List of Annual Compliance Filings and their Due dates.

Document RoC Form Name Govt. Fee before due date Additional after due date (Penalty) Due Date
AGM(Annual General Meeting) -NA- -NA- -NA- On or Before 30th September
Financial Statements(Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement) Form AOC-4 Rs. 300 - Rs. 600 Rs. 100/day 30 days from date of AGM
Annual Return Form MGT-7 Rs. 300 - Rs. 600 Rs. 100/day 60 days from date of AGM

At TaxPhobia we are keen to provide timely and quality services to our clients to avoid late fines. Do annual return of your company with us at the lowest ever cost as low as Rs. 4,000 per year for a Private Limited Company.

Below are the services we provide at TaxPhobia

  • Annual Return of Private Limited Companies
  • Annual Return of LLPs Companies
  • Annual Return of OPC
  • Annual Return of Partnership Firms

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